Professional Finance Brokers & Financial Advisors

So what is a ‘good’ interest rate? Are you paying too much?
Is loyalty to your current bank costing you? Save time and money… our services are generally at no cost to our client!

Hutchinson Financial will answer the “good” interest rate question and potentially save you thousands! Hutchinson Financial, a Finance Broker Firm (Australian Credit License 429444) will research, analyse, compare, negotiate, recommend and then arrange finance for you or your business.

• Significantly reduce your debt facility interest rates, fees and charges
• Engineer a debt repayment structure that suits your cash flow
• Less onerous facility terms and conditions
• Fund your growth

Our experience, knowledge and expertise across corporate, business and personal finance will ensure you get the best available option whilst saving you time and money.

• Asset finance e.g. motor vehicle, truck, tractor, plant & equipment funding;
• Agribusiness finance e.g. funding to purchase farmland, stock;
• Working capital finance e.g. overdraft facility, seasonal cropping finance, and debtor finance;
• Commercial property finance e.g. property development/subdivision funding;
• Business finance e.g. funding to purchase a commercial property, infrastructure improvements;
• Interest rate risk management e.g. rate hedging via derivatives – swaps, caps, collars etc;
• Consumer finance e.g. home loans, investment loans, and personal loans;
• International trade finance;
• Insurance premium funding.

Ensure your banking and finance facilities are structured and priced competitively. Call Paul Hutchinson  direct for a confidential discussion on 0477 846 641.