We deliver a range of consulting services, covering debt management, cash flow management and investment feasibility analysis that assists small to medium enterprises in making those financial decisions that are critical to the on-going success of a business

There is no doubt that the current economic environment is proving challenging for many small-to-medium businesses. Hutchinson Financial recognises that whilst many proprietors are adept to producing a marketable product or service, it tends to be the distracting (albeit necessary) underlying financial management responsibilities which don’t always receive the attention they so deserve. Our experience and research has identified three key areas of financial management responsibility that have become critical to the on-going success of a business. The identified areas are;

  • Debt Management
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Investment Feasibility

Hutchinson Financial is a specialist in these identified areas and has devoted its considerable resource to helping business owners better manage these financial management responsibilities. Sound decision making in these three key areas will sponsor business growth, profitability and organisational success. Typical consulting services Hutchinson Financial provides to its clientele;

  • Debt Management – financial analysis, financial modelling, balance sheet restructure, financier (Bank) negotiations/restructures, compilation of Annual Bank Reviews, work-out strategies, loan/facilities benchmarking, source investment capital and/or debt funding to support the capital budget, strategic financial planning.
  • Cash Flow Management – financial analysis, cash flow budget compilation, cash flow re-phasing strategies, implementation of working capital strategies.
  • Investment Feasibility – research, financial analysis, financial modelling, feasibility assessments, business case report writing, Board presentations, derivation and implementation of appropriate financial systems, performance monitoring.

These services are all coupled to on-going client consultation and financial mentoring to ensure all financial plans are executed successfully. Our services are not expensive. Day-one we scope our required involvement and then agree with the client on a charge schedule so there are no surprises.


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